Office of the Campus Architect

The Office of the Campus Architect (OCA) serves as the steward of the physical campus at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  This responsibility encompasses the design of facilities, grounds and signage, and coordination of exterior art, historic preservation, and campus master planning efforts.

The OCA is responsible for the development and interpretation of design standards for building exteriors, interior public spaces, and grounds and for the design review of all new projects.  The goal is to ensure that renovations and new developments adhere to the campus master plan, design standards and enhance the physical environment.

The Campus Architect is an ex officio member of Professional Service Consultant selection committees and serves as Chair of the UIC Chancellor’s Design Review Committee.

Featured Projects



Over the past 8 months, the Office of the Campus Architect has worked in conjunction with Facilities Management, UI Health Creative Services, and UIC Marketing and Brand Management to refresh and replace the campus’ exterior signage.  The new exterior signage standard provides updates for building, parking lot, wayfinding and monumental signage on campus. The new signage standard provides new design guidelines in addition to specifications for how new signage is implemented and located.  Please be sure to check the Design Standards page for the exterior signage standard as well as the other design standards here.


The UIC Interior Signage Standard, which was originally published in March have been revised to include the design and specifications for spaces funded or sponsored by donors. The new donor signage comes as the result of cooperation between the Office of the Campus Architect and the Office of Advancement. Please be sure to check the Design Standards page for the updated interior signage standard as well as the other design standards here.


A signature living-learning community will be built near Harrison and Morgan Streets to provide residential accommodations for 500 students, more than 51,000 square feet of academic space (primarily classrooms), and 1,600 square feet of retail dining. Additionally, the Engineering Innovation Building is scheduled to have groundbreaking occur before the end of 2017 and an anticipated completion date by spring 2019. The building’s 50,000+ square feet will include space for Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Civil and Material Engineering. Read more about both buildings featured in the UIC News article, “Campus Improvements” here.


The UIC master plan – Envisioning Our Future: 2017-2027 Plan provides inspirational and data-driven recommendations for UIC’s physical campus development over the next ten years. Serving as an update to the 2010 UIC Campus Master Plan, this plan was developed using historical data, strategic growth plans, past planning efforts and an in-depth space capacity analysis. Anticipated growth in student enrollment and changing educational demands all impact the future of UIC’s physical environment. This plan addresses these needs by providing thoughtful recommendations that will allow UIC to continue to serve as a modern world-class research university.  For more information about the UIC Master Plan and to access the executive summary please follow the link here.