UIC Campus Master Plan

UIC’s Campus Master Plan is a planning process as dynamic and diverse as the campus it serves. It comprises a set of planning documents, representing a collaboration between UIC’s Office of Capital Planning and Project Management and the Office of the Campus Architect, that combined, help to define a planning process at UIC that is continually edited and updated. The plan is written to provide UIC’s senior leadership with concrete recommendations for ensuring UIC’s built environment supports and reinforces the Strategic Priorities of the University.

Envisioning Our Future: 2017-2027 Plan provides inspirational and data-driven recommendations for UIC’s physical campus development over the next ten years. Serving as an update to the 2010 UIC Campus Master Plan, this plan was developed using historical data, strategic growth plans, past planning efforts and an in-depth space capacity analysis. Anticipated growth in student enrollment and changing educational demands all impact the future of UIC’s physical environment. This plan addresses these needs by providing thoughtful recommendations that will allow UIC to continue to serve as a modern world-class research university.  For more information about the UIC Master Plan and to access the executive summary please follow the link here.